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The George and Sakaye Aratani "Community Advancement Research Endowment," or Aratani C.A.R.E., grants are designed to promote projects that will (1) benefit and advance the Japanese American community, as well as (2) strengthen ties between the Japanese American community and UCLA students, staff, faculty, and alumnae.

Non-profit organizations and qualified individuals are invited to apply for grants that average between but which are not limited to $1000 to $5000, to strengthen ties between JA communities and UCLA. Proposals that include a campus partner (e.g., faculty; staff; student group) will be prioritized, as will projects/events where UCLA's Asian American Studies Center will be listed in PR and programs as a co-sponsor. The web site and applications will be open byOctober 03, 2016. The deadline for the seventh year of Aratani C.A.R.E. grants is December 02, 2016. Awards will be announced by Winter 2017 (late-January 2017) quarter. Grants should be completed within a year or less.

Aratani Community Advancement Research Endowment grants should benefit and advance the collective interests of the Japanese American community, and strengthen ties between UCLA faculty, staff, students, and alumnae, and the larger JA community.

Grants can pertain to any region of the USA.

For year seven of the Aratani C.A.R.E. grants (2017), we hope to award grants that range, but are not limited to, between $1000 and $5000.

Applicants who propose grants that will be of benefit to the Japanese American community, and enhance ties between the Japanese American and UCLA communities, will be prioritized.

We seek proposals that will have a positive impact on and outcome for the Japanese American community, and that will involve members of the UCLA community who are supportive of JA culture and culture building. This can include events, panels, symposium on the UCLA campus; (we strongly recommend a campus partner to carry out on-campus events, because we do not have a staff to help grantees organize/run programs.) Beyond that, grants that are well-conceptualized, that have a viable methodology, and a time-frame that can be carried out within a year's time, will be prioritized. Before awards are given, applicants MUST present appropriate documents before receiving a grant; this could include proper insurance coverage; a plan for signed waivers from minors, if necessary; etc.

To begin with, grants will be awarded once a year. Grants can be submitted up to December 02, 2016, and awardees will be announced by Winter 2017 (late-January 2017) quarter.

Grants will be considered in a wide range of areas, including most of the traditional arts, social sciences, humanities, and planning/policy areas. Possible application topics could entail educational workshops or conferences on or off the UCLA campus but again must demonstrably heighten JA community and UCLA campus ties; data collection on social issues/social needs; forums to promote creative writing; outreach to marginalized sectors of the community; innovative multi-disciplinary collaborations; archives building and organization; digitization of significant collections; publication of brochures or handbooks; projects related to Japanese newcomers; JA women; LGBT issues; leadership and youth development initiatives; etc.

Please ensure that you have all the documentation and information before you start your online application process. ALL requested documentation and information must be submitted during the online application process. For a complete overview of the application guideline requirements, please click here. No partial submissions will be accepted. No late submissions will be considered.

If you have any questions regarding the application process and/or the Aratani C.A.R.E. program, please contact us via email: